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I’m interested in the Apple Watch Series 4, but not sure the upgrade from the 3 is worth it. The iPhone XR would likely be my choice if I upgrade, but honestly I still love my iPhone 7. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I am super impressed with the new heart-focused updates to the Apple Watch. With a history of heart disease in my family this is huge for me.

There are so many interesting things going on in Letter to My Father by Martín Espada. The scale of Puerto Rican hurricane destruction, our government’s neglect, and father/son stuff. 📚🎙

“what this really means is that Remnick is no longer the editor of The New Yorker. Twitter is. Social media doesn’t just get a voice. Now it wields a veto.” via NY Times // The operation (not rights) of a free and open press is under attack, from both the right and the left.