Brian Lundin

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“Conservatism” has lost its way. The fact that mainstream conservatives are almost universally uncritical of mega-corporations and their power is mind-boggling. That is not at all in line with traditional conservative thinking. As Roger Scruton puts it, we are all far too comfortable with corporate predation:

“In short, global capitalism is in some respects less an exercise in free market economics, in which cost is assumed for the sake of benefit, than a kind of brigandage, in which costs are transferred to future generations for the sake of rewards here and now. … Even socialists steer away from any criticism of the real corporate predation, which is the predation on future generations in which we too are involved. Like the elites of New Labour and the German Social Democrat Party, they live in the same way as the CEOs with whom they frequently associate, transferring the costs of their policies to future governments, in just the way that the corporations transfer the costs of their economic success to the unborn.” -Roger Scruton, How to be a Conservative

09 Jan 2019