As I posted earlier this month, I am leaving Facebook soon. I will be deleting my existing Facebook and Instagram accounts soon. If you are interested in why, you can read the post linked above. But, I will still be writing and posting on the web! I know that given the dominance of Facebook I will most likely lose touch with almost everyone that follows me on those platforms, but that’s okay. However, I know some folks will want to keep in touch (and I’m glad you do!), so I want to make that easy for you. So here are six ways to keep in touch once I am no longer on Facebook.

Sign up for my new email newsletter

I am reviving my email newsletter on a new platform, and with a new focus. In the past you could sign up to get emails of blog posts, but going forward I’m going to send a weekly-ish email with brief updates highlighting blog posts I’ve published, links to what I’ve been reading each week, and other interesting stuff. If you want to follow what I’m thinking and writing about, this is the best place to do that.

Sign up for my email newsletter here.

Subscribe to in an RSS reader

This might be too old school—sometimes it feels like I’m the only one using RSS anymore—but this is best option to directly follow my writing. Unlike the previous two options, if you follow my blog in a feed reader you will just get the blog posts I publish. If you don’t have a feedreader? I suggest you try this one. If you have never heard of RSS, here is a handy beginner’s guide. There is nothing I recommend more highly for people who want to read on the web than a good feed reader, full of your favorite writers.

Here is the direct link to my RSS feed to add to your reader:

Follow me on

Follow @blundin on or view and subscribe to the RSS feed of my microblog on this site. You will get the same feed either way.

You have probably not heard of, but it’s the one thing on this list that I hope people try out. is a new social network created to specifically address some of the problems that Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks experience. It is both a blog platform and Twitter-like social network in one. It is free to create an account and try it out, and most importantly it is always free if you want to follow other people and read their posts. If you want to host your own blog and publish original content, plans start at only $5 a month.

The advantage to this platform—and why I’ve been an early supporter—is that there is no advertising and the motivations of the company behind it are clear. The advantage to paying is that no one is trying to monetize your personal data. No one is selling you to an advertiser. I urge you to try it out. The success of and sites like it will lead to a better internet for all of us.

Follow me on Twitter

Follow @blundin on Twitter.

I don’t love Twitter, but until gains wide adoption or blogs come back, this is the best way to get posts from my blog out into the world. I will be scaling back my time on this site, but all of my blog posts and posts to will be posted there automatically. If you follow me there, you will see everything I publish. But seriously, please consider too.

Sign up for our monthly family update

Finally, if you want to know what’s going on in our family’s life, I am starting a private email list just for that purpose. We’ll send email updates once a month about what’s going on with our family. We’d love to have you sign up. Please make sure to sign up with your name, so we can see who you are.

Sign up for the Lundin Family Updates here.

I hope you choose to follow me via one of these methods. I’d hate to lose contact with everyone, but I just cannot continue to support Facebook. So, I hope to see you on the open web!