Last week was one of those weeks we all have occasionally, where the schedule is full, your mind is engaged all week, and yet somehow you're not dead at the end of it. Through a long hard week, I came out of it encouraged and satisfied. It was good, and I think there is a lesson in it for all of us creative types.

This weekend Lindsey and I were able to spend plenty of time together, and spend it immersed in the arts. Thursday night drove down to the historic Greune Hall to see local songwriter David Ramierez open up for Patty Griffin. It was a great night. David is one of the best songwriters out there. Period. If you've never heard him, you really should give him a listen. Patty Griffin was amazing, but that's more Lindsey's jam than mine. But it was a beautiful night. The weather was great, the venue classic, and both performances were outstanding.

Saturday morning we had our quarterly training session for the Austin Stone Story Team, and it was just as filling as it always is. To spend time with our artists, to sit under teaching about the gospel and creativity, and to consider where God has called me to use my talents was such a good, good thing.

Then, Saturday night we went to the Austin Symphony and saw our good friend Joseph play. Joseph is a great violinist and a dear friend. The program was outstanding, with a great variety. With a beautiful contemporary piece, Mozart and Strauss, it was really fun. We finished the night with burgers at Hopdoddy's with Joseph, as has become our tradition.

Spending time with Lindsey and great music was exactly what I needed. After a week of writing and editing for work, technical work and discussions there, I needed to immerse myself in art, specifically a form that I don't deal with every day. Sure, I am always listening to music, especially when I work, but it's not the same as live music. Live music is something special.

So, next time you need to refill, go find a medium that speaks to you, and isn't your own. Go experience new art. Hang out with other creatives. Talk about the things that inspire you. Dream a bit.