Twitter is a fascinating medium. It's used for everything from a news feed, a marketing tool, a venue for comedians to get jobs, and even performance art. It even has its own controversies. It's really quite a fun and weird place once you start exploring.

But the truth is, that makes it a little hard to use sometimes. After all, we all come to a diverse ecosystem like Twitter with our own objectives and agendas. Some people want to sell their wares, some want to share ideas, and some people just want to stalk Kimye[ref]Kanye + Kim Kardashian = Kimye. I just found this out today. It's completely disturbing. Like a wreck between two clown cars.[/ref]. In others words, its hard to know what someone does with their Twitter account up front. How many times have you followed someone only to unfollow them soon after because their tweets were not what you expected?

Four years ago, in a prescient blog post actor Wil Wheaton recognized some of the difficulty of knowing what we get when we follow someone and laid out his Twitter use in a useful post. If you're a Star Trek fan, a tabletop gamer or a fan of his web videos and you want to know what you will get from him, there it is. It was a good call then, and with the growth and changes in the Twitterverse, it's an even better one now.

In that spirit, I want to outline for you, dear reader, what you can expect from me, @blundin, on the Twitters.

1. I am writer working on my first book. I also write for and help lead the Story Team at the Austin Stone Community Church. As a result, I post a lot about writing, reading and storytelling. I'm in perpetual learning mode on these topics, and I tend to share what I am reading and thinking about. So, you'll get a heavy dose of that.

2. As I mentioned before, my wife and I help lead the writers for the Story Team. This is our ministry to the church, and we are simply enamored with it. I write about those stories and experiences quite a bit both on this blog, and on Twitter. My goal for this kind of content is to help train and equip others who are leading writers and artists in the church.

3. I work in technology, and I love it. My first website went online in 1994. I was a freshman in high school. It was a tribute site to the Grateful Dead— yeah, I know. But the point is, my day job is all about technology. I program on the side as a hobby. I am fascinated by hardware and software. So, yeah, there will be some tech stuff too.

4. I am an OSU Cowboys fan. I love football, I love basketball, and with the exception of the US Men's Soccer team, those are the only teams I care about and follow. Game days and other times there will be sports tweets, but it's limited to OSU and the USMNT almost exclusively.

5. Other stuff. Yeah, I don't know. I read a lot and like to share, so there's some eclecticism mixed in.

6. Jesus. Yes, Jesus. He is the Lord of the universe and the Lord of my life. He is my identity and my future. I can't not post and share about him. I'm not a proselytizer, but I do believe he is the best news in the world. He changed my life, and he can change yours. I want the world to know, so I talk about it on occasion.

So, that's it. You can call it my half of the social media contract, what I will do. I love the conversations generated by the Twitterverse, join me in it!